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Time in Thailand is Moscow time plus 3 hours summer time and plus 4 hours winter time. Now it’s  14:23 in Thailand..
Thailand’s official currency is bat. Exchange rate is average 32.5 bats for 1 USD in June 2008. Banks operate from 9.00 am to 7:00 pm, and to 5:00 pm on Sat and Sun. On Patong Beach you can change money till 9:00 pm. ATMs are at every step on Phuket island, operate 24 hours. If you take US dollars, take only new notes, not older than 2001 year issue, not torn and without notes. For 50 and 100 dollars worth notes the rate is higher.  
Even when the sky is covered with clouds, you can easily get sunburned, and in the sunny weather you should be especially careful. Don’t neglect sunscreens. During the first days of your vacation use high protection factor (30-40). Remember that smooth and steady tan can only be reached gradually. Take sunscreen with you on all the excursions, especially sea ones. Drink more water and don’t forget to moisture your skin after sunbathing.
Working hours
Governmental enterprises work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Companies connected with tourist activities have individual working hours and are often opened till 10:00 pm. “7 Eleven” supermarkets operate 24 hours.
To avoid dehydration in Thailand’s hot climate drink more water, but only spring water. Do not drink tap water! Most of the hotels daily provide free drinkable water in plastic or glass bottles. Spring water is sold on every corner or in the supermarkets. The price is starting from 6 bats for a bottle.
Excursions prices can differ much in different companies. Besides the price, service level would vary much as well. Transport can be different, like program contents, its duration, whether lunch is included, Russian-speaking guide available. Pay attention to whether insurance is provided or not. Be careful not to spoil the impression of your vacation hunting bargain.
Thais working in human services have very low wages and rely mostly on tips. Please, don’t forget about this! Usual tips to a porter or a maid are 20-40 bats. To tip coins is considered to be a bad manner. It’s also common to leave tips in the restaurants. Around bill’ 10%. Besides of that on Phuket it’s common to tip drivers, driving You on an excursion, boatmen, canoe rovers and guides working with You. Especially if You liked it! 
We strongly recommend You not to rent a motorcycle. It’s really dangerous! Falling from a motorcycle even on a low speed can cause serious consequences. Besides of that, motorcycle is not insured, and in case of an accident You’ll be fully responsible financially. Roads are sometimes slippery after rain, and riding in the mountains can end badly for an inexperienced driver. Don’t spoil You vacation yourself. Use taxi or rat-tat service. To avoid misunderstanding, talk the price over in advance. And if You want more independence and freedom, rent a car. But make sure it’s fully insured.
Making a call from Russia: Thailand’s code – (66), Phuket’s code – (76), city phone-numbers are six-digit.
Making a call on Phuket from Russia: +66 76 – subscriber’s number. From russian land phone: 8 10 66 76 subscriber’s number. Mobile numbers in Thailand have codes from 081 to 089 and are seven-digit. When calling from Russia “0” is replaced by Thailand code - +66. For example, when calling 0811234567, You dial +66 81 123 4567.
Making a call from Thailand: You can always call from your hotel, from the public phone on the street (cards are sold in supermarkets) or from a mobile phone. You can use local providers service “DATC” or “One-2-Call”, You can easily buy a SIM-card in the shops selling cell-phones or in supermarkets. In the same places You can find top up cards, SIM-card is activated automatically as You insert it. To check the balance dial: DTAC – “*101#”, One-2-Call – “*121#” and dial “call”.
Calling to Russia from cell-phone: +7 – city code – subscriber’s number. You can also call by IP card, which is much cheaper. For example: a call to Moscow will cost around 5.5 bats/min. Dial “009” instead of “+” to use international line.
Important numbers:
Police:              191                                 Fire: 199
Tourist police:   1155                               Immigration service: +66 (0) 76212108
Russian embassy in Thailand:   +66 (0) 2234 9824
Bangkok Phuket   +66 (0) 7625 4425           Phuket International        +66 (0) 7624 9400       
Mission               +66 (0) 7623 7220          Patong Hospital               +66 (0) 7634 4225       
Air agencies:
TransAero     +66(0) 2718 1839                    Thai Airways      +66(0) 7621 1195       
Bangkok Air   +66 (0) 7622 5033                    Phuket Airport    +66 (0) 7632 7230