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Visa types:
30-day visa-free entry: Russian citizens have gained an opportunity of visa-free entry to Thailand for the period of not exceeding 30 days from March 24, 2007. In this case You don’t need the visa itself, on the border a free stamp is put stating maximum stay period. When entering Thailand the period of tourist’s foreign passport validity should be not less than six month. When entering Thailand by land, for instance, through Cambodia border, 30-day visa-free stamp will only be put if you provide the air tickets or reservation from Thailand in a period not exceeding 30 days from border crossing date. There’s one important limitation: tourists visiting the country without visa have the right to visit it one or several times without visa with the total stay period not exceeding 90 days for the period of 6 month, starting from the first visa-free entry.
Single-entry tourist visa valid for 3 month: Is made in advance before the trip in the consulates of Thailand for $25. Validity period – 3 month from the issue date. For gaining this type of visa the passport should be valid for another 6 month from the moment of handing the documents. Stay period can be prolonged for 1 month in any branch of Immigration Bureau in the country. The cost of prolonging – 1900 bats. Thus, the maximum stay period in Thailand with single-entry visa is 3 months.

Multi-entry (form 2 to 4 entries) tourist visa valid for three month: This visa differs from the above mentioned only by the fact that the person is allowed to make more than one entry to the country. The number of entries granted is stated in the visa. The charge = $ 25* for each entry. Maximum stay period is nearly 6 month, is reached the following way: the visa should be gained close to the visiting Thailand (we want to use the validity period the best way), during the first time you cross the border you use the first entry and2 months stamp is put, which can be prolonged for one more month in Immigration Bureau. Then, close to the visa validity period end the tourist crosses the border and enters the country second time to activate his second entry and get his next 2 month stamp, which could be prolonged the same way for one more month. The cost of prolongation is 1900 bats.
Single-entry non-immigration visa valid for 3 months: That type of visa is given (upon handing a special set of documents) by Thailand embassies to the persons planning to visit Thailand with non-tourist purpose, for example: employment, business visits, building up relations with partners in Thailand, exploring investments opportunities, studying in various educational enterprises, as well as religious and to the pensioners planning to spend the rest of life in the country etc. The validity period is 3 months. When entering the stamp is put allowing to stay in the country for the period not exceeding 90 days. The period of validity can be prolonged for another 12 months in special cases and if the person can provide the appropriate documents. The cost of visa is $50.

Multi-entry non-immigration visa valid for 12 months: Such visa gives its holder an opportunity to enter the country with non-tourist purposes (listed above) unlimited number of times during a year. Upon every entry a stamp is put allowing to stay in the country for 90 days. One cannot get such visa in the countries of South-East Asia without employment permission, but it’s possible to get in Russia. Maximum stay period according to this type of visa is almost 15 months (in case you leave the country several days before its validity period end and cross the border again, having got the stamp for another 90 days). The period of validity can be prolonged for another 12 months in special cases and if the person can provide the appropriate documents. The cost of visa is $125.

Multi-entry non-immigration visa valid for 3 years: New type of visa introduced from October 1, 2006. Differs from the above mentioned type by the validity period being 3 years and the cost being $250. The cases of issuing such visa are not known yet.

One year stamp prolonging non-immigration visa validity period: Having a non-immigration visa it’s holder has the opportunity to prolong it’s validity period for another 12 months. The ground for the prolongation can be employment in Thailand, pensionable age of the holder (50 years and older) material support to a wife (husband) who is Thailand citizen, getting education in Thailand and so on. Such a stamp can be put only in the Immigration office of the Kingdom upon handing a special set of documents and conforming to certain criteria. The person living in Thailand according to such permission is to hand a report about its current location to the Immigration Bureau every 90 days. Such a report is not necessary every time you leave the country and enter it within the period of 90 days.

Re-entry permit: In case a single-entry visa holder has to leave the country for some time, before leaving the country he can get an additional right to return to the country for the period of stamp already in effect. A single-entry re-entry permit costs 1000 bats, multi-entry re-entry permit – 3800 bats. You can get such a permit in any Immigration Bureau office within the country.

Documents necessary to receive visa in Thailand embassy in Moscow or Vladivostok:
If you would like to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, you need Thailand three-month tourist visa or three-month business visa. To get this visa you need to collect and to hand the following documents to the embassy:
  • foreign passport (validity period not less than 6 month);
  • an invitation from a company in Thailand (for business visa);
  • copies of Russian passport pages (Name and address);
  • filled form;
  • for the employed: a reference on a company form (with profit stated being not less than 12 000 rubles a month);
  • for unemployed: handwritten obligation of the sponsor to finance all the expenditures;
  • for pensioners: pensioner certificate;
  • for children: the copy of birth certificate, a reference from school;
  • a photo 3x4 – 4x6, color or black and white.

Embassy and consulate addresses in Russia:
Moscow: The Embassy of Kingdom of Thailand, 12010, Moscow, 9, B.Spasskaya st., Sukharevskaya subway station, tel: +7 (495) 208-08-56;
St. Petersburg: Consulate General, St. Petersburg, 16, Bolshoy prospect V.O., tel: + 7 (812) 325-62-71, +7 (812) 323-25-38;
Vladivostok: Consulate, 6, Sukhanova st., tel: +7 (4232) 43-23-66, +7 (4232) 43-23-00;

The embassy of Russian Federation in Thailand: Bangkok, Russian Federation Embassy, 10500, 108 SathornNuaRoad, Bangkok, Thailand, tel: 66 (0) 2234-9824, +66 (0) 2268-1169, fax: +66 (0) 2237-8488.

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