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Phuket island is the largest island in Thailand, has the status of independent province. It is situated 892 km from Bangkok. You can get there by plane for only 50 minutes. Washed by Andaman sea and Indian ocean, stretched from north to south for 48 kilometers and for 21 from east to west. Sandy beaches located on the island west coast are separated from each other by the wooded hills.

Phuket is a tropical island and its  climate conditions depend on monsoons providing warm and humid weather all the year round. That is why there are two basic seasons on the island – south-western monsoon season (rainy) and north-eastern monsoon season (dry).

Humid season starts in May and ends in October. Maximum precipitations occur in August, September and first half of October. These periods sunny days change to cyclones, storms are frequent, and hurricanes sometimes last for 2 or 3 days.

From November to February is the most popular season on the island among the tourists from all the world! This time the weather is wonderful, the sea is warm and calm. Average air temperature is between 24 and 32 degrees C, sometimes it falls to 22 degrees.

From March to May, during Thai summer the temperature on Phuket is generally about 30-35 degrees, water - +28C. This time water is especially rich in blooming plankton, this is the period when whale sharks, blue skates and giant mants (that reach 6 m in size and weigh up to 4 tons) come to Similan islands – diving season starts.

June and July may bring short term storms and strong winds. It’s not recommended to swim because of the strong currents, but the season is loved by the surfers. Between short-term storms, which, as a rule, last for 2-3 hours and primarily in the afternoon and night-time, the weather is calm and dry.

Phuket city was founded a little more than a century ago by Chinese and Malayan merchants to maintain the nearby stannaries, its harbor is suitable for big vessels. The downtown impresses by its ancient architecture of a mixed Chinese-Portuguese style: Chinese temples, former Chinatown, and colonial style mansions – everything tells about a long and very interesting history of the city. And today we can say that old buildings, original and refined Chinese and Thai temples, exotic markets are the main tourist attractions of Phuket city. You should definitely take a walk along the colorful streets of Phuket, enjoying wonderful temples and buildings, have a look at the Chinatown, where You can buy unusual souvenirs in strange shops and have a snack in one of the numerous small restaurants. Hawkers offer traditional Phuket breakfast – rice noodles with fish stuffed with spices, karri and fresh vegetables. As for the hotels in the city, they are not very good as they meant mainly for business people.

Island’s beaches:
Patong (Ao Patong). Is considered to be the most active tourist area. Is locate 15 km west from Phuket city. It’s bright resort life – 24-hour restaurants, colorful shows at night ending with the sunrise – attract a lot of tourists to spend their time at night there. High number of young people also stays on Patong – here you can find night’s lodging for only 30-40 bats. The beach is public and the hotels as a rule are located across the road. There are a lot of water sport facilities on Patong beaches. You can also find a great number of massage salons where you can get wonderful massage after daytime excursions.

Karon and Kata (Ao Karon and Ao Kata). To the south of Patong you can find a splendid, quiet and spacious beach  Karon. Long and wide beach is covered with fine pale-golden sand. The hotels located there are of higher class, and you can feel measured atmosphere of relaxed rest there. One can find a lot of different middle and high class restaurants. The coast is divided into three parts: spacious Ao Karon, small Kata Yai deepened into the coast line, and the southern one – Kata Noi, where diving lovers will find a lot of interesting underwater species. Kata areas are the most developed, but as hotel owners claim, these places are not intended to be turned into something like Patong. Promenades along the beach lightened by the quaint lamps make the place really charming.

Nai Harn. More to the south of Kata there’s a wonderful coast area Nai Harn. Before Phuket Yacht Club was founded there this place was famous by its cheap bungalows, scattered secluded here and there among the palms. But now it’s still one of the less industrialized beaches of the island.

Rawai. On the eastern point of Phuket’s southern part Rawai beach is located, which is not the best for swimming. The level of water is generally very low and the tourists staying there have to find another place to swim. The conditions for snorkling on the other hand are perfect.

The most popular kind of sport on the island is diving. The coast of the Andaman sea with wonderful sea and underwater sceneries, coral thickets and caves are an irreplaceable for diving lovers. There are around 10 special diving schools, which organize 1-2 day tours to the nearby islands (Ko-Phiphi, Ko Dok-Mai) Having got to up to 35 meters depth with experienced instructors You’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful world of underwater caves and coral reefs. On the beaches of Phuket you’ll find a wide range of active vacation facilities – yachts, canoes, windsurfing, water skis, parachutes, snorkling and other water entertainments. Other sports are also manifold – from golf, horse riding to motor racing and a lot more. Or you can simply lie in the warm Thai sun waiting for the wonderful sunset..

All together it will create a perfect atmosphere for a truly unforgettable vacation.

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